Audible experiments with introducing ads into its audiobook service

Audible experiments with introducing ads into its audiobook service

Amazon-owned Audible has recently started experimenting with the placement of ads in audiobooks, which may signal a significant shift in the industry. Currently, the company is conducting limited tests on a select group of non-paying members, providing them with ad-supported access to a restricted range of titles. As of now, paid subscribers are not affected by the trial.

The ads are displayed while listening to conventional audiobooks, podcasts, and Audible original content. Audible states that the providers were informed about the change and were given the option to opt-out of displaying ads. The company also notes that a maximum of eight ads will play within a 24-hour period, irrespective of the content being played. While not alarming, this could establish a worrisome trend for several consumers who are averse to ads.

It’s unclear why Audible chose to conduct this trial, as the company’s help page provides only vague phrases. “Audible is committed to constantly optimizing how we deliver audio programming to our listeners worldwide,” it says. “Audible occasionally tests new products and services to gain an understanding of the evolving needs of our customers and partners.” Thank you for the insight!

This trial could be an indication that an ad-supported subscription tier is in the works. However, the company has not made any official statements regarding this possibility. Only time will tell if this test will have a broader impact on the audiobook industry.

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