Atari acquires Nightdive Studios, the game developer responsible for the 'System Shock' remake.

Atari acquires Nightdive Studios, the game developer responsible for the ‘System Shock’ remake.

Atari is making a bold move to revitalize its classic game collection by acquiring Nightdive Studios, the visionary creators behind the highly-anticipated System Shock revamp. In a strategic maneuver worth a staggering $10 million in cash and stock, Atari is set to tap into Nightdive’s cutting-edge technology and publishing prowess to bolster its “retro-focused” strategy and expand its catalog.

Nightdive’s innovative KEX engine is a true game-changer, enabling vintage titles to run smoothly on modern PCs with enhanced technical capabilities. From blockbuster classics such as Quake and Blade Runner to obscure gems like Darklands and Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri, Nightdive has become a go-to destination for gamers seeking to relive the magic of yesteryear. While Nightdive may not be a behemoth in terms of size, it generated a respectable $3 million in revenue last year alone.

Atari’s acquisition of Nightdive marks a significant shift in the company’s direction, as it seeks to refocus on its gaming roots. Despite dabbling in cryptocurrency, online casinos, and even themed hotels in recent times, Atari has found itself struggling to connect with modern audiences. With Nightdive onboard, Atari can now double down on creating “premium” titles for PC and console platforms without relying solely on its first-party offerings or investing precious resources in software porting technology. While Atari is still a far cry from its glory days, this partnership could help the company regain relevance among today’s gamers.

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