Astra Tech Promotes Inclusivity and Financial Equity at UAE's AccessAbilities Expo

Astra Tech Promotes Inclusivity and Financial Equity at UAE’s AccessAbilities Expo

Astra Tech, a prominent consumer technology holding group in the MENA region, has made a groundbreaking stride in advancing digital inclusion and financial empowerment at the AccessAbilities Expo in the UAE. The event, which commenced on the 9th of October in Dubai, saw Astra Tech’s active participation and sponsorship. The initiative seeks to empower People of Determination (PODs) by providing them with a platform to showcase and sell their products through the Botim store, reaching a vast audience of over eight million UAE Botim app users.

Astra Tech’s collaboration with AccessAbilities Expo underscores the company’s strong commitment to fostering inclusivity and financial empowerment, transcending societal boundaries. The Botim app, known as an all-inclusive ultra app, serves over 150 million users globally, providing not only equal opportunities but also essential financial inclusion tools. This initiative aligns perfectly with Astra Tech’s mission to bridge gaps within the community through technology and create a collective impact.