Arma Reforger has been removed from early access

Bohemia Interactive just gave the green light to Arma Reforger, officially pulling it out of early access on November 16. Now, all you gamers out there can get your hands on the full version, whether you’re rocking a PC or cruising on Xbox Series X|S.

In case you’ve been living under a gaming rock, Arma is that military FPS series known for its crazy immersive gameplay, making a big fuss about accuracy and realism. And get this, Bohemia Interactive’s Virtual Battlespace software is so legit that real-life soldiers use it for training. Yeah, it’s that real.

So, what’s the deal with Arma Reforger? It’s packing two multiplayer modes: Conflict and Game Master. Conflict is your typical shooter experience, with made-up islands (Everon and Arland) as your virtual battlegrounds. Now, Game Master is where it gets spicy. You can be the puppet master, editing scenarios and steering players through the chaos of war. It’s like Zeus mode from Arma 3, but cranked up a notch.

Hold up, Conflict mode got a glow-up. It’s not just about throwing firepower around anymore. There’s a slick new supply system, making it crucial to secure and share the goods for a shot at victory.

Pick your side, soldier! Arma Reforger lets you roll with either the US or Soviet armed forces, rocking gear from the ’80s. And guess what just rolled into update 1.0? The Soviet Mil Mi-8 transport chopper and the US UH-1H utility heli — talk about a blast from the past.