Arc Browser: The New Way to Customize and Vandalize Websites

Arc Browser: The New Way to Customize and Vandalize Websites

The Browser Company’s Mac-exclusive internet browser, Arc, has been challenging the traditional browsing experience since its launch over a year ago. With its unique sidebar approach and the ability to create customizable spaces for specific tasks, Arc offers users a fresh perspective on web browsing. Today, the browser is rolling out its latest update, Boosts 2.0, which aims to give users even more control over the sites they visit. While it may not be reinventing the internet, Boosts 2.0 introduces exciting possibilities for personalization and customization.

Boosts was first introduced a year ago with the goal of simplifying the creation of browser extensions. According to product designer Nate Parrott, the original Boosts release made it “10 times easier” to build extensions, but it still required technical skills and knowledge of coding. Boosts 2.0 takes a major leap forward by providing simple tools that allow users to tweak websites without requiring coding expertise. The aim was to make customization 50 times easier than making a Chrome extension, making it accessible to a wider audience.

The latest Boosts update introduces several user-friendly features that enable customization on any website. Users now have access to a color picker, allowing them to change backgrounds from the standard white or black, as well as the option to replace fonts on compatible sites. While seemingly minor, these adjustments can significantly refresh the browsing experience. Additionally, the “Zap” feature is particularly useful, enabling users to eliminate specific elements on a page they wish to hide or remove from view, streamlining their browsing experience.



Although Arc remains exclusive to Mac users and requires sign-up on a waitlist for access, Boosts 2.0 promises to provide a unique browsing landscape for early adopters. While these customization features may not be the sole driving factor for choosing Arc over other browsers, they offer a level of personalization and control that appeals to users seeking a tailored web experience. Whether it’s changing the aesthetics of popular apps or removing unwanted elements, Boosts 2.0 allows users to shape their browsing environment according to their preferences.

As Arc continues to evolve and refine its features, it will be intriguing to see how Boosts 2.0 and future updates enhance the browsing experience for users. With its commitment to reimagining the core computing tool of web browsers, Arc is carving a niche for itself in the competitive browser market, offering a fresh alternative to traditional browsing paradigms.

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