Abode launches new entry-level Smart Home Security Kit for $160

Abode, the renowned provider of DIY home security systems, is set to launch its latest offering—the Abode Smart Home Security Kit. This new kit will seamlessly integrate with popular voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as the Google Nest line of products. With increased competition in the market from companies like Amazon, ADT, SimpliSafe, and Cove Security, Abode aims to solidify its position by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly smart home security solution.

The entry-level Abode Smart Home Security Kit includes the Abode Security Hub, a mini door/window sensor, and a keyfob. Users will be able to effortlessly add new accessories, receive event notifications, arm and disarm the system, and set up automations through the intuitive Abode app. Furthermore, if homeowners already have Amazon or Google smart home devices such as an Echo or Nest Home, the new system can seamlessly integrate with their existing setup, enabling convenient hands-free control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Abode Smart Home Security Kit offers additional features to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation. It includes a battery backup and cellular backup, safeguarding against power outages and enabling continuous monitoring. The system boasts a powerful 93dB siren and incorporates advanced detection capabilities for identifying people, packages, and pets within its range.

However, one drawback of the new system compared to Abode’s previous offerings is the lack of HomeKit integration. If users have built their smart home ecosystem using Apple’s Home app and rely on Z-Wave, Zigbee, and HomeKit compatibility, they will need to opt for Abode’s Smart Security Kit instead to retain those integrations.

To make the Abode Smart Home Security Kit even more appealing, the company is launching it at a special introductory price of $139.99, inclusive of free shipping. Following the introductory period, customers can purchase the kit for $159.99, providing an affordable yet comprehensive solution for protecting their homes and loved ones.

As the demand for smart home security systems continues to grow, Abode’s latest offering positions itself as a competitive choice by seamlessly integrating with popular voice assistants and providing an array of advanced features. Whether homeowners are looking to enhance their existing smart home ecosystem or embark on their first foray into smart security, the Abode Smart Home Security Kit aims to deliver a reliable and user-friendly solution at an accessible price point.