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Apple’s Mac Pro 2023: A Shift Away from Discrete GPUs Raises Questions

The combination of an integrated ecosystem and ownership of the software stack positions Apple with inherent advantages in deployment, performance, and value for money. This competitive edge may prove difficult for others to match in the long run.

Conclusion: Apple’s decision not to include support for discrete GPUs in the Mac Pro 2023 has sparked discussions among users and industry observers. While Apple aims to optimize system performance through a shared memory model, this move raises concerns for users relying on GPUs for specialized tasks. Additionally, the limitations on upgradable memory in the new Mac Pro have caught attention. However, Apple’s business strategy focuses on serving the majority of users, and their integrated approach, combined with full control over the software stack, provides distinct advantages. As the Mac Pro evolves, it remains to be seen how these decisions will shape the future of Apple’s professional-grade workstations.