Meta's MusicGen: AI-Generated Music with Creative Potential

Meta’s MusicGen: AI-Generated Music with Creative Potential

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has introduced its latest language learning model (LLM) called MusicGen, developed by their Audiocraft team. This AI-powered tool allows users to input text descriptions of the desired music style, and MusicGen generates a 12-second track accordingly. While MusicGen has its limitations, it offers a glimpse into the potential of AI-generated music and its impact on crafting soundtracks and tunes. However, challenges such as copyright issues and the tool’s current capabilities need to be considered.

Meta’s MusicGen is making waves in the world of AI-generated music. Developed by the company’s Audiocraft team, this LLM functions similarly to ChatGPT but with a focus on music composition. Users can provide a brief text description of the desired music, click the “Generate” button, and MusicGen creates a 12-second track based on those instructions. For example, requesting a “lofi slow BPM electro chill [song] with organic samples” results in a track reminiscent of the popular Lofi Girl radio on YouTube.