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Apple’s Mac Pro 2023: A Shift Away from Discrete GPUs Raises Questions


While the exclusion of discrete GPUs has garnered attention, another significant limitation faced by Mac Pro users is the maximum amount of shared, non-upgradable memory, capped at 192GB. This is a fraction of the 1.5TB offered by the previous generation of Mac Pro. However, when popular Mac software developer Affinity was asked about the impact of this limitation on their creative tools, they assured that it would not be an issue.

Apple’s business strategy focuses on catering to the needs of the majority, and only a vocal minority raises concerns about the limitations of their new offerings. By rapidly shifting towards integrated, mobile-first computing and discarding modularity, Apple is redefining the traditional desktop PC setup. This transition was made evident in a 2020 WWDC video, where Apple emphasized the advantages of building everything into a single chip, creating a unified memory architecture.