Apple's M2 Pro Mac mini hits record-low price on Amazon

Apple’s M2 Pro Mac mini hits record-low price on Amazon

Apple’s newest Mac mini is still a desirable item, but there are some deals to be had. Amazon has reduced the price of the M2 Pro Mac mini to $1,249, a $50 savings. That’s a little savings, but the tiny-yet-powerful desktop has seldom been reduced at Amazon in any way. You may use the savings towards a mouse, keyboard, or other necessary accessories.

The Mac mini M2 Pro version is a fantastic gadget that fills a common need in Apple’s lineup: it’s a powerful but reasonably priced “headless” desktop. The system is fast enough to handle severe media editing and multitasking tasks while yet allowing you to pick your own monitor. With a multitude of ports and almost quiet operation (even under duress), this might be the machine for you if you want some flexibility in your configuration.

Its high-end Mac mini is still pricey, and it lacks front-facing ports and an SD card reader, as seen on the Mac Studio. Yet for many, this may be overkill; the regular M2 is typically plenty for daily usage and costs hundreds of dollars less. If you need more performance or more ports, the M2 Pro version is a good choice that won’t take up much room on your desk.

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