The Apple Watch Hermès collection launched in October 2015 and this Spring we are offering beautiful bold new colours and a continuation of customer favourites. The three styles introduced last Autumn: Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff will continue and complete systems (case and band) will be offered in Fauve Barenia only.  Existing colours of bands, including Fauve, Noir, Capucine and Etain will now be sold, for the first time, separately and will be joined by a whole new collection of Single Tour and Double Tour bands, which will be offered in Hermès colours including Bleu Paon (Green), Bleu Saphir, Blanc (White) and the iconic Hermes colour, Feu (Orange).

The Apple Watch Hermès collection launched in October 2015 and the new coloured bands will be available starting 19th April.


Apple Watch Hemès Single Tour Band
– Single Tour  (38mm) AED 4,400
– Single Tour  (42mm) AED 4,600

Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour Band – AED 5,000

Apple Watch Hermès Cuff, AED 6,000
– Cuff in Fauve Barenia (42mm)