Apple vs Samsung | The Battle for China

Apple vs Samsung | The Battle for China

Apple announced its fourth-quarter earnings results on Monday, October 28. The technology bellwether, which saw shares slump by 45% in the past six months, posted revenues of $37.5 bn and a net quarterly profit of $7.5bn, as compared to revenues of $36bn and a net quarterly profit of $8.2bn for the same quarter a year ago.

Apple’s results initially disappointed investors, in spite of the technology giant selling 33.8bn iPhones in the last quarter alone. Shares fell over 2% following the earnings release but soon rebounded to trade close to similar levels last week.

Apple is hoping to announce a potential deal with China Mobile – the world’s largest mobile phone company.

Apple’s foray into the Chinese mobile market is likely to lead the firm into a headlong battle with Samsung – current leaders with an 18.3% share – compared with Apple’s 5%.

But how does Apple measure up to Samsung from an investor’s standpoint? Will the company succeed in making significant inroads into the Chinese market or will it fall short?

Here are some statistics to help you along the way.

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