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Apple Vision Pro Repairs Carry a Hefty $2,399 Price Tag

If you plan to buy Apple’s new augmented reality headset, the Vision Pro, consider getting a protective case as well. Repairing a damaged Vision Pro won’t be cheap, even with AppleCare+ coverage.

According to an AppleInsider report, replacing cracked cover glass will cost $799. Other damage could run as high as $2,399 — just $1,100 less than the base model’s retail price.

AppleCare+ drops repair costs, but not by much. Cover glass or other fixes will still hit your wallet for $299, plus AppleCare+’s $25 monthly subscription. While third-party repair is an option, Apple may reject future repairs if unauthorized work is detected. Right-to-repair advocates say Apple needs a self-service program like those covering iPhones and Macs. But rapid change seems unlikely.

Should you take the plunge? The Vision Pro is available now for pre-order on Apple’s website and in retail stores. Storage tiers include 256GB ($3,499), 512GB ($3,699), and 1TB ($3,899). Note that accessories are sold separately — the travel case costs $199 extra.

In the end, early adopters can expect cutting-edge but pricey tech with the Vision Pro. Protective accessories seem wise given steep repair bills. As with any new product category, real-world usage may reveal durability surprises not evident in product announcements. Caution makes sense for early buyers venturing into uncharted waters. But Apple will likely iterate rapidly to address early complaints. So the Vision Pro equation may look different in a year or two for more patient buyers entering the AR arena.