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Apple Vision Pro Lets You AirPlay Content to Other Apple Devices

Now that preorders are open for Apple’s $1,599 Vision Pro mixed reality headset, more interaction details with Apple devices are emerging. Notably, the Vision Pro supports AirPlay for wirelessly beaming video and audio to external screens like iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Similar to Meta’s Quest 3 headset, AirPlay mirroring means you can present what’s happening inside your Vision Pro to friends, family and colleagues through their own Apple devices. So if giving a demo or simply sharing experiences, everyone can watch along.

Desktop Macs and MacBooks additionally allow two-way streaming, displaying their macOS screens directly within the Vision Pro headset. This capability essentially turns the headset into a portable Mac display for getting work done.

One catch is that AirPlay mirroring tops out at 720p rather than 1080p resolution, meaning image quality takes a hit. Still, convenience often overrides perfection. Mirroring makes sharing the Vision Pro’s augmented and virtual reality worlds far more accessible.

And for Apple Store workers demonstrating the $1,599 device these next months, beaming firsthand perspectives out to customer iPhones or store display iPads will surely help sell the innovation and immersion.