Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro Headset May Not Include Top Strap

Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset, set to arrive in 2024, has sparked discussions due to its reported weight and the company’s decision to potentially sell the headset strap as an optional accessory rather than including it in the box. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple created the strap, which goes over the wearer’s head, in response to employee complaints about the headset feeling “too heavy” after extended use.

This move echoes Apple’s previous decision to sell the Pro Display XDR’s stand separately for an additional $999. While the Vision Pro’s starting price is already set at $3,499, the decision to sell the strap separately raises concerns about providing a comfortable out-of-the-box experience for consumers, particularly as early previews of the headset mentioned its weight as a potential issue.

Despite the high price tag, Apple aims to market the Vision Pro to both developers and consumers. Gurman reveals that the company plans to create dedicated areas within its retail stores for customers to experience demos of the headset. Apple has also developed an iPhone app for its retail employees to scan customers’ faces, ensuring the correct fit and accessories for each individual, such as appropriately sized bands and light seals for the headset.

As the Vision Pro’s release is still several months away, with a potential launch as late as May 2024, Apple has time to reconsider its approach. Meanwhile, Gurman reports that the company has already shifted some employees to work on a more affordable headset and a second-generation version of the Vision Pro.

Apple’s decision regarding the strap’s inclusion and pricing strategy will be closely watched by industry observers and potential customers, as the company navigates the fine line between providing a premium product and ensuring customer satisfaction.