Apple may be readying an M3 Ultra Chip for Power Users

At its recent event, Apple unveiled it’s new line of Mac devices powered by the new line of M3 processors. However, if you are a power user and you love extracting every ounce of power, there may be some good news on the horizon. If reports are to be believed, Apple may be preparing to launch a more ‘Pro’ version of their M3 Chipset for it’s Mac lineup.

Popular journalist Mark Gurman put out a piece in which he confidently claimed that Apple is indeed working on an M3 ‘Ultra chipset, that will change the meaning of PC computing forever, blowing away everything that stands in its way. Now, this claim is not too far fetched as the M3 chipset did throw the hammer down on its competition, and it is very likely that they have the know-how on making something even more powerful and potent.