Apple could launch the Vision Pro Mixed Reality headset in February 2024

Apple could launch the Vision Pro Mixed Reality headset in February 2024

Apple fans eagerly awaiting the release of the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset may finally get their hands on the device sooner than expected. According to esteemed Apple analyst Mark Gurman, production in China has kicked into high gear with the goal of having headsets ready by January’s end for a possible February launch.

Sensing the finish line approaching, Apple is urging developers to put the pedal to the metal in prepping apps for the headset’s debut. Emails directly from Apple urge coders to utilize the latest tools to test software and provide feedback ASAP. Gurman sees this as a sure sign of the device’s imminent arrival.

Planning a successful launch for such a unique new product is no small feat. The last time Apple stepped into completely new territory was back in 2015 with the Apple Watch. The Vision Pro represents a similar challenge in both preparation and introduction to customers.

To ensure buyers have the best experience possible, Apple is sending at least two employees from every retail store for specialized training at HQ in January. There, they’ll learn details like properly fitting and adjusting the headset and customizing prescription lens inserts. With an initial cost of $3,499, the Vision Pro is positioned as a premium offering, so white glove service is a must.

While the high-end headset understandably grabs headlines, Gurman says Apple has a more affordable model between $1,500 and $2,500 in the works too. As Apple races toward a possible February launch, the anticipation from tech enthusiasts is reaching a fever pitch. The Vision Pro promises to be 2023’s biggest product release.