Android following the same success story of what Windows did to Mac.

History might be repeated again in a few years’ time if once again Apple’s iOS might end up having only a small share of the world’s smartphone market (nothing personal against Apple they innovate  products and allow others to dominate the market share).

The Apple  story with Macintosh operating system dates back 1984; it was the first commercially successful personal computer to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface rather than a command-line interface. The company continued to have success through the second half of the 1980s and around the same time period Microsoft introduced a similar a similar Graphical user interface (GUI) OS Windows which saw a wider acceptance to rival expensive Mac after Microsoft Windows 3.0, which began to approach the Macintosh operating system in both performance and features, was released in 1990 and was a less expensive alternative to the Macintosh platform.




Microsoft and Intel began to rapidly lower Apple’s market share with the Windows 95 operating system and Pentium processors respectively and the rest is history .Apple had its true loyal fans but that wasn’t enough to take over Windows OS which had the freedom to be installed on any PC without any much hardware changes while Mac comes with its own bundle hardware to start with.

Its 2011 and the story continues and this time it’s battle between   handheld devices platform iOS vs Android .iOS seems to be superior in terms of the platform,apps and the performance seems better than Android in the tablets field so far, But being a better platform has nothing to do with gaining a foothold market share in the smart phone industry. The reasons why Android seems deadly in being a major mobile platform in the years to come.

  1. Android being an open source platform and Google being kind enough to promote its platform for wider acceptability from all mobile handset vendors including from emerging markets from India, China.
  2. Well if it was Microsoft-Intel alliance that lowered the Mac OS share way back in mid-90’s ,this time its Google-Samsung  that’s going to trouble I OS and once again neither Google nor Samsung has nothing to do with Android platform as for Samsung it’s a free open source platform and for Google it’s another big platform to stream its services(Gmail,Google+,YouTube etc.) which in turn is another medium to send its advertisements.(Google’s 97 % revenue is from advertising )
  3. Price is a factor in emerging markets like South Asian countries like India, China etc.  and do remember you get an Android phone for around 100$ in India and Samsung Galaxy tab had  huge success in India and is the only region where Galaxy tab is preferred more than iPads.
  4. Flash will die soon and will soon be picked up by HTML5 but majority of the sites we use still runs on flash enabled web pages and Apple iOS which doesn’t support flash plugin was a huge selling point for Galaxy tabs and other Android smartphones.
  5. If Apple thinks Android is the only battle it has to fight after testing out Windows 8 developers OS ,the selling point for people who have used Windows although there life might consider a tablet with windows 8 with all these programs like paint, word, excel etc. and there is huge market share for lifetime Windows only users planning to take a Windows 8 tablet next Christmas and to add upon it Ubuntu the most successful of Linux platform is coming with another mobile platform with cloud integration.

Apple has to perform a magic again and with no Steve’s magical touch its seems 2012 could be an interesting year ahead with all the droids, iOS and windows battling it out for ultimate supremacy.