Amazon's 2022 Kindle is now $75, a new low

Amazon’s 2022 Kindle is now $75, a new low

If reading more is one of your objectives for 2023, a new Kindle can motivate you to follow through. Amazon has reduced the price of its entry-level e-reader. Right now, you can grab the ad-supported variant in either black or denim for $75, a savings of $25 off the regular price of $100. The 25% reduction is a new all-time low for the Kindle, making it an excellent time to purchase the e-reader. Amazon has also reduced the price of the ad-free variant by $25. It’s now $95 instead of $120. The Paperwhite is also on sale. It will cost you $105.

If you possess an older e-reader, the update is certainly worth it based on all of the improvements Amazon opted to integrate into the gadget. The new Kindle has a 300 ppi e-ink screen, making it as thick as the more costly Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon also increased the storage capacity to 16GB, introduced USB-C charging, and made the Kindle’s frame lighter. Oh, and the new model has a battery life of up to six weeks, which is an improvement over its predecessor. Unless you’re expressly searching for a larger-display e-reader, most individuals should go for the entry-level Kindle over its more costly siblings.

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