AM: cleaning your favorite gadgets screen in a professional way.

AM: cleaning your favorite gadgets screen in a professional way.

Dust… they are everywhere combined with oiliness and moisture from your skin makes the screen of your gadget dirty as well as prone to bacterial growth  the ones available in the market like the AM screen cleaning professional solutions cleans any delicate surface with extra care by not using harsh alcohol chemicals just to make sure that their products do not cause harm to the gadgets. Though it is light in nature, yet it is powerful enough to kill almost all bacteria present in our household and that too with only one swipe. The dusts and dirt along with fingerprints are easily washed off with this small piece of cloth which comes in vibrant colors. The company generally goes for recyclable products and that is the reason they have contributed not only to the customers cleanliness but towards the environment too.

AM’s Product range.
  • Wipes – It is small in size but big at work as it is suitable for all screen sizes. The size is portable so it is perfect to tag along when you are travelling and the re-sealable packet makes it even better for multiple times uses. It will clean keyboard, screen and kills bacteria efficiently.


  • Cloths – These are micro-fiber cloths that come in 3 different colors that is grey, blue and green. It is gentle on your gadgets and the small size makes it easily slide on to your purse. The micro-fiber cloth attracts dusts like anything and keeps the surface clean.


  • Mist – The spray comes with microfiber cloth wrapped all around it so that you can easily spray it and then rub it off.
  • Minis – These are a micro-fiber sponge which basically does the same thing like keeping your gadgets clean and germ free.  Depending on your preference, you can choose any color you want to start from orange, pink, green blue and silver.
  • Blast – As the name suggests it is made for bigger screen like that of television. You do not have to worry about extra cloth after spraying the liquid as this comes with micro-fiber cloth which will attract dust just like a magnet.
  • Spray – This one is mostly used for desktops and laptops. It also comes with spray and micro-fiber cloth for your benefit. It comes in 2 colors and that is grey and blue


  • Pump – Keyboards and large display can be cleansed effectively. This box comes with micro-fiber sponge which you need to push and then wipe off all the germs from your keyboards and large screen of the gadgets.
  • Giant – This one comes in blue and pink color. No alcohol is used in the liquid and it anti-Schmutz too. You can use this on large screen TV to keep it clean and germ free every day.
  • Refill – This one is the refillable liquid packet which you can use in the Mist or the minis. You will be able to use as a refill of all the products of AM.
Anti- Schmutz .

If you are looking to compare safety with some of the regular daily life incident then here they are. It is said that if you are to compare your keyboards to a New York city’s pigeon then you will see that the pigeons looks far better than and cleaner than the screen of your phone.

The company has drawn this analogy to establish the fact that why people need to use their product and how they can help the populations provide a better and germ free life. It can be your costly Smartphone device or your laptop or desktop or your Large screen LED TVs, the appliances or the gadgets can be any but if you want to increase the longevity of these products then it is better that you start using this liquid and product which will help to keep your gadgets germ free with better hygiene.

The complete collection of AM cleaning solution is available on website in UAE.


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