The new iPhone 5 has been the source of much excitement among techies and Apple fans for months, but now it has finally arrived, what has the reception from new owners? On the whole, it has received positive feedback, but its hefty price tag could put many smartphone buyers off, or at least those who are willing to use a cheaper Android instead.

However, some people may put the prestige of owning an iPhone 5 above more sensible things like affordability and value for money. Having one while not being able to afford other luxuries or even basics might seem stupid, but owning an iPhone 5 is still pretty cool, right? The following infographic from payplan reveals that owners of the new phone might be a little more prone to debt than others.

Hiding relative poverty

With around one in two iPhone users earning less than £20,000 per annum, it shows that some on lower incomes may be tempted to take out a contract that comes with one as standard to perhaps give the impression that they earn more than others realise. Meanwhile, around one in five iPhone owners claim that their main bank account gets overdrawn.

It’s no secret that owning such a phone can be expensive, even after shopping around for a good deal on a monthly contract. Whether it’s because owners want the latest edition as soon as they can get it or like being able to buy apps with ease, they will get one at all costs.