'Alto's Adventure' Creators Announce New Game 'Summerhill', a Sheep Herding Adventure

‘Alto’s Adventure’ Creators Announce New Game ‘Summerhill’, a Sheep Herding Adventure

Land & Sea, the renowned indie game studio behind the beloved Alto series, is back with an enchanting new title that aims to capture the same tranquil vibes and immersive gameplay. Titled “Summerhill,” this upcoming game embraces a pastoral setting and delivers a delightful experience centered around chill puzzle-solving at one’s own pace. Drawing inspiration from indie gems like Monument Valley, the game boasts captivating graphics reminiscent of the Alto series and is accompanied by a captivating “folk-inspired” soundtrack composed by Todd Baker, known for his work on Monument Valley 2.

In terms of gameplay, Summerhill offers a unique twist with its “fluid herding-based gameplay” and emphasis on gentle problem-solving. Players will find themselves embarking on a narrative-driven adventure that unravels the mysteries of the ancient landscape. Alongside their loyal dog, players will be responsible for herding and corralling sheep while gradually honing their skills to overcome increasingly complex puzzles. While the narrative is wordless, Land & Sea promises that it delves into profound themes of duty, companionship, and morality, offering players a thought-provoking and emotionally engaging experience.