Afterlife VR, a horror game, is coming to PlayStation VR2

Afterlife VR, a horror game, is coming to PlayStation VR2

Afterlife VR by Split Light Studio is coming to PS VR2. Afterlife VR was published for Oculus and Vive on September 16, 2022, and presently has a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, which may auger well for the PS VR2 version.

Split Light Studio has also produced Motoride Rollercoaster VR and Solar System VR, both of which have received “Mostly Positive” reviews on Steam. The company specialises in VR films, games, and 3D and 360 films. Afterlife VR casts the user as Adam Bernhard, a young rookie police officer on a night patrol who gets a call that will alter his life forever. In a scenario similar to Outlast, Adam is taken deep behind the gates of the Black Rose mental facility. This could be another amazing horror game for PlayStation players in 2023.

Afterlife VR will join outstanding titles such as Before Your Eyes in receiving a PlayStation VR 2 upgrade. Unfortunately, no exact release date has been specified, with the teaser aiming for 2023. However, the creator, Vahe Asloyan, speaks honestly about the narrative and gameplay, claiming that there are “mind games” and riddles in addition to the creatures and inmates of the Black Rose mental institution.



Asloyan also discusses a strong AI system that would diversify the shocks in Afterlife VR, which sounds similar to the Xenomorph from Alien Isolation. Although Creative Assembly is working on a sequel, for the time being, games like Afterlife VR are the ideal pit stop on the path to major releases, particularly given the extra scariness caused by entering the game in VR.

Afterlife VR joins a long list of good titles for the PS VR2. Sony’s VR future seems bright as it continues to expand its PlayStation VR 2 portfolio. While the PS VR2’s predecessor featured many outstanding VR titles and was highly received both critically and financially, the PS VR2 already seems like a more significant step forward to the objective of VR games becoming second nature, or as some may argue “the future of gaming.”

Many gamers have yet to get a PS5, and there have been claims that PlayStation has reduced manufacturing of the PS VR2, although the latter story has since been debunked, and the ease of access to current-gen equipment (whether it be a PS5 or a new graphics card) seems to be improving. This implies that in the near future, an increasing number of individuals will be able to pick up a headset like the PS VR2 and experience mysterious realms like Afterlife VR.

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