Adult-only broadcasts are included in TikTok's livestreaming updates

Adult-only broadcasts are included in TikTok’s livestreaming updates

TikTok is improving its live streaming capabilities once again, and this time the largest changes impact those who can’t watch. To begin, the update now allows TikTok Live users to create adult-only shows. You can ensure that the audience is old enough to watch a stream that contains a lot of colorful languages or deals with distressing issues. The feature will be accessible in the “coming weeks,” but it isn’t an officially sanctioned alternative to OnlyFans – TikTok’s regulations still prohibit sexually explicit material.

Starting November 23rd, the social video service will raise the minimum age for presenters from 16 to 18. TikTok promotes this as a natural extension of its adolescent content limitations, but it also follows abuse reports. For example, older viewers have sexually abused young presenters, while teenagers have threatened schools. In principle, raising the minimum age would minimize the number of school-age children who use Live to get into problems that would not be feasible with pre-recorded video. As a result, a tool coming in the coming weeks will remind artists to block terms they’ve already filtered out.

There is one enhancement that pulls in more folks. A newly enhanced Multi-Guest functionality now allows a host to invite up to five additional participants utilizing a grid or panel configuration. This may be useful for professional producers who want to screen full-fledged programs, but it can also be useful for any streamer who wants to include more people in a chat.

TikTok is under government pressure to install such audience limitations. Officials in the United States and the United Kingdom are concerned that the social network would damage youngsters, either by encouraging harmful conduct or by risking privacy. Although age limitations will not definitely eliminate live broadcast misuse, they may signal that TikTok is addressing major issues.