Getting the action blocked error on Instagram ? Here’s how you can fix it [2022]

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. The image-sharing application gained rapid traction thanks to a huge influx of users from Facebook and its ability to help people connect on a very personal level. Recently, Instagram started taking a very strict stand against spam accounts and accounts that violated their policy, but the algorithm or working principle that Instagram uses to detect spam or bot accounts is still a work in progress. Sometimes, while browsing your Instagram feed, you will see that when you try to Like or comment on a post, you get a pop-up message saying that this action was locked.

Getting the action blocked error on Instagram ? Here’s how you can fix it


The reason you are getting the ‘Action Blocked’ error on Instagram is that you have been flagged by the algorithm as a bot or spam account. The reasoning here is as ambiguous as it comes but in such cases, you are prevented from doing absolutely anything on Instagram

In this tutorial, we will show you some sure-fire solutions that will help you solve the action blocked error on Instagram.


Action Blocked Error


Solution 1. Take an Instagram break for 24-48 hours

The best solution that seems to work for the action blocked error on Instagram is an Instagram break. Do not Like, Comment, or Follow anyone on Instagram for 24-28 hours and if you cannot control the urge, just go ahead and sign out of your Instagram account for 24-48 hours (the safe bet is 48 hours).

When you sign back in after 48 hours, you will see that the ban has been lifted and you can now interact with posts and follow people on Instagram.

Solution 2. Stop using third-party apps to enhance Instagram interaction

The temptation to get more likes and followers on Instagram has been converted to a business by some people in the market. There are many services online that promise to boost the likes and followers on your page for some money. Earlier, these bots or spam services could easily creep through the algorithm and do their job, but thanks to some stringent measures taken by Instagram, using such services leads to an instant ban on Instagram.

So, if you are using third-party apps to boost your Instagram, stop it and delete those apps right away.

Solution 3. Switch to your mobile network

Sometimes, the ban usually extends to the IP, and changing over from Wifi to your mobile data has removed the ban almost instantly. This solution is a hit or miss, so tread carefully.

Solution 4. Link your Instagram to other social accounts

If you have other social media accounts or even a Facebook page, you can try to link them to your Instagram account. This will prove to Instagram that you are a regular human user and there are cases where the ban lifts in just a few hours when you do this.

Please ensure that you link only your social media accounts to your Instagram. Linking other accounts just to lift the ban can cause problems for both parties.

Solution 5. Be Patient

There are cases where the action blocked error on Instagram is not a ban, but a precautionary measure exercised for safety purposes. In such cases, please be patient as there is nothing greater than our safety and privacy online. Avoid doing anything that would result in your account getting flagged since it can take 4 days to 4 months even, to restore your account.

These are the simple solutions that can help you solve the action blocked error on Instagram.

If you do not have Instagram on your smartphone yet, you can download a copy of the app from the links given below.

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