A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player discovers an easy way to climb slopes

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player discovers an easy way to climb slopes

One astute Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan has discovered a simple way to ascend moderately steep slopes. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are now available and have achieved tremendous commercial success, breaking multiple records in the process. At the same time, their critical reaction has been mixed, with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet getting review bombed. The majority of complaints are about the game’s poor visuals and severe performance concerns.

Regardless, some fans appreciate the new Pokemon titles’ multiplayer modes and playability. Gamers like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s large open world, which includes a newly added territory of Paldea full of interesting pocket monsters and obstacles. Players may meet physical impediments as a result of topography, rendering a region impenetrable. Large cliffs and steep slopes are frequent in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which might be a challenge for certain players. Fortunately, one gamer has discovered a simple way to circumvent such physical barriers in the new Pokemon releases.

R3tr0 1221 of Reddit deserves credit for discovering a novel approach to ascend hills in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The user posted a brief video demonstrating how players may navigate such regions in the game. In the video, R3tr0 1221’s character is riding Koraidon, a legendary Pokemon, while attempting to avoid a precipice. They attempt to reach the top of the cliff by jumping with Koraidon, but their pocket monster seems to slip down due to the game’s physics. After demonstrating that normal leaping cannot traverse the hill, the user employs their unique approach to complete the task.


You can jump up slopes by jumping at them backwards as long as they’re not to steep. from PokemonScarletViolet


They turn ninety degrees with their backs to the cliff and leap backwards directly towards it. Surprisingly, Koraidon and the player do not slip down as before, but instead, keep their footing and leap a couple more times in the same direction. The user successfully reaches the top of the cliff after a few leaps without needing to go around. This backward leaping strategy might be useful for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players who fall from high land and are unable to recover.

One of the various Pokemon Scarlet and Violet techniques discovered by gamers is backward leaping to approach difficult locations. One user noticed that by connecting two controllers and utilising both joysticks, the trainer’s running speed can be greatly increased, making navigating faster and easier.

Scarlet and Violet are now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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