Dubai is a fantastic place to live. Culturally diverse, full of business opportunities, an amazing night life and first-class dining options.  Yet, for a single person, who’s looking for a date, Dubai does present some significant challenges. In this article, you may find out what to take into consideration when dating in Dubai and you’ll discover to some great dating websites.


What are your chances of finding singles in Dubai?

That depends on your gender. Approximately 3,3 million people live in Dubai (estimated in June 2019). Of these around 75% are male and 25% are female. Hence, if you’re a single lady looking for Mr. Perfect, the task of finding single males is like shooting fish in a barrel. If you’re a guy, you might want to put in some extra effort. And: If you’re an expat living in Dubai, forget the ease of finding a romantic adventure by simply logging into you Taleja Account. Paid dating website like Taleja make it easy almost anywhere around the globe to casually hook up and have fun. But the official religion of Dubai is Islam. And although the population is generally very open-minded and tolerant towards other cultures and religions, different rules apply when it comes to dating.

Play by Dubai’s dating rules!

Let’s assume that you’ve found that special someone and you two are about to hit the town’s nightlife for the first time. Of course, the first international dating rule also applies for Dubai: Enjoy yourselves! But while doing so, keep it clean and tidy. When it comes to romance, Dubai has extremely strict rules and regulations! Even the slightest public display of affection is not only considered an affront – It’s punishable by law and can get you behind bars. That said, it comes as no surprise that booking a hotel room for the night is an absolute no-go, unless you’re married. And although playing with fire can be both stimulating and arousing, it is advisable to evaluate the joys between a romantic outlaw love affair to some serious trouble with the local authorities.

That said, don’t let these dating rules in Dubai keep you from dating all together! On the contrary. You will find many beautiful, interesting and amazing singles in Dubai, with whom you may enjoy a fantastic time. And finding other singles in Dubai is not too tricky, if you know where to look.

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Dubai dating websites

Finding dates on the WWW is very much en vogue in Dubai. Therefore, you have a wide range of dating websites to choose from. Here are the four most visited dating platforms in Dubai:

  1. Muslima

The name of this site clearly states what to expect. “Muslima” is hands down the most popular dating platform for Muslims all around the globe. More than 4.5 million registered users speak for themselves. The usability of the website is very easy. All you need to do is register free of charge, create a profile, upload your photo and you’re ready to go.

  1. Dubai Dating

A very straightforward dating website focusing mainly on singles in Dubai. The site is completely free of charge, which is great. “Dubai Dating” also gets high scores in terms of usability: Just create your account, fill in some information and start chatting away. Downsides are the rather small user base and the fact that you are not required to upload a profile picture.

  1. LoveAwake

This dating site for Dubai and the UAE can also be used completely free of charge. Signing up is as easy as pie. Once you’ve created your profile, you may start looking for singles in your area straight away. Keeping the male / female ratio of Dubai in mind, it comes as no surprise that the majority of the LoveAwake users are male. But is still a great tool to find very charming singles in Dubai and beyond.

  1. Love Habibi

“Love Habibi”. Already the name of this fantastic dating App is almost too cute to be true. Although it was originally created as a meeting platform for lonely hearts in Dubai, Love Habibi has grown to become one of the most used dating websites for people all over the world. Here you’ll not only find Muslims, Arabs and Christian Arabs but many more singles from all walks of life, religions and cultures. Thus, you will find truly diverse dating experiences, if you want them. Another great fact about the biggest dating website in Dubai is that it’s not corporate owned but run by people who really care about creating both friendships and relationships.