A 9-minute overview trailer for Fire Emblem Engage has been released

A 9-minute overview trailer for Fire Emblem Engage has been released

A recent trailer for Fire Emblem Engage provides a thorough rundown of the game’s plot and features. With the game’s release date just a few weeks away, this caravan reveals a lot of what to anticipate, presenting Alear and their case of amnesia after a thousand-year sleep. They are charged with discovering the twelve Emblem Rings, which hold the souls of previous Fire Emblem lords, upon their waking. They must then utilise their might to avert the approaching menace of the Fell Dragon, just as the Kingdom did before. To that aim, this mission pits them against a gang called the Four Hounds, who seek to corrupt the Emblems and utilise them for their own evil purposes.

This trailer is now accessible on Nintendo’s official channel, but only in Japanese (translated by CGTio). This Fire Emblem Engage video opens with a quick introduction to the four Kingdoms of the continent Elyos, as well as the player’s ability to pick between the male and female forms of Alear. It also displays several of the game’s cutscenes, such as Marth’s initial summons by Alear and their army defeating a group of invading adversaries in the castle.



The caravan then moves on to the gameplay, covering the fundamentals such as enemy and player phases, map goals, the Weapon Triangle, and the many members of Alear’s army. With over fifty distinct classes to pick from to reclass these heroes, the player will have a lot of leeway in building their army. This includes anything from regular pegasus knight troops to whole new classes like the Wolf Knight.

Using the power of the Emblem Rings, the equipped party member will be changed and will be able to utilise a range of battle methods to gain an edge. This contains a one-of-a-kind Engage weapon and Engage Skill, which the caravan briefly explains for some of the characters. Sigurd’s Emblem Ring, for example, is very mobile, but Celica’s Emblem specialises in offensive magic. These rings may be worn by any character in the player’s army, enabling them to be highly optimised.

The caravan also offers a short peek at the activities available on Somniel’s floating island, such as minigames, fishing, and other pastimes available in this new hub area. The remainder of the video concentrates on the game’s plot and cutscenes. This contains hints of Alear’s background, the murder of Alear’s mother, and even sequences in which the opposing power corrupts the Emblems. It also introduces viewers to the villainous Fell Dragon ruler, Sombron, and the abilities that his side has.