7 Accessibility Practices Businesses Should Adopt

7 Accessibility Practices Businesses Should Adopt

Millions of people in the United States alone have disabilities. It’s one reason to adopt accessibility in your business. Whether you are in the food or retail industry, you must prioritize it to reach your target market. Also, the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA requires businesses to be accessible for the disabled. There are different types of disabilities, including the following:

  • Audio – people may be deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Visual – they may be completely blind or may have poor vision
  • Mobility – customers may also have difficulties moving
  • Speech – they may be mute or have problems speaking clearly

To ensure accessibility in your company, there are various things you should adopt, and this covers those that have to do with your local premise and online. Also, some of them are easy to follow. They require minor adjustments or small changes, but they can create a huge impact.


Have parking spots for people with disability

Many businesses have spots in their parking spaces dedicated to disabled individuals. They are often close to the office or store entrance, so it will be easier to reach. If your company offers free parking to your customers, adopt this one too. Have spots secured for those with disabilities.

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