6 Commercial Building Security Trends You Should Follow

6 Commercial Building Security Trends You Should Follow

The internet of things is shaping the future of commercial buildings by making them smart, efficient, and more secure. This is why building management should always look out for emerging security trends and technologies to remain at the forefront of changing market demands. Here are commercial building security trends you should follow.

1.   Document scanning technology

Commercial building owners need to identify their customers, suppliers, clients, visitors, and anyone accessing the building. ID scanning software is one of the document scanning technologies that help ascertain a visitor’s identity by capturing their image, name, and any other identifying data, including the date and time. This allows commercial building owners with visitor management and also uses the collected data to identify banned visitors. This helps enhance building security by ensuring that only authorized persons have access.

2.   Biometric security measures

Combining ID scanning with biometrics technology helps ensure more enhanced security for your commercial building. This is because biometric technology doesn’t leave a shred of doubt regarding the ownership of an identity document. One of the biometric security features is that it recognizes someone’s unique features such as fingerprints, facial recognition, voice, and eye traits. This helps you ascertain that the holder of an identification document is the owner and that they haven’t stolen it, effectively eliminating chances of impersonation.

3.   Video door phones

Video door phones allow you to see a visitor’s face as you communicate with them. This enables you to have controlled access and authorize or decline entries to your building, enhancing security. Features such as two-way communication, an electronic unlocking system, expandable cameras and monitors, and an advanced camera good for night vision make a video-door phone ideal for audio-visual security. The available recording system provides a perfect security tool even when you aren’t around. It records everything and can be used to track criminals in case of theft or other criminal activity.

4.   Intruder alarm system

An intruder alarm system is an effective security tool whose visibility deters potential criminals from accessing your building. If they break in, the motion sensors will detect intrusion then trigger the alarm system to alter those within close vicinity. The more advanced alarm systems can even initiate police response or send a notification to your phone so that you can communicate with the authorities.

5.   Less on-site security

Technological advancements and economics have contributed to reducing security personnel guarding commercial buildings, especially during off-peak hours. From the management and operational perspective, leveraging security systems is more cost-efficient and secure than relying on security personnel. This technology enables you to use video analytics and smart cameras to monitor and track commercial building activities, reducing human error to enhancing security.

6.   Comprehensive fire alarm system

Continuous technological evolution on commercial property security ensures that advanced fire alarm systems for smoke and fire detection automatically alert you, the fire department and other relevant authorities, and anyone included in the database in case of a fire outbreak or smoke. This ensures that there’s a fast response, providing renters, valuables, and buildings safety.


Commercial building security is of great concern to property managers and building owners. Consider applying the above security trends to ensure your building’s safety.