5 Ways To View Instagram Accounts Discreetly

5 Ways To View Instagram Accounts Discreetly

Social media can be a good tool for making connections and fostering relationships. Instagram, for instance, has various features that allow you to interact and know what your friends and other people you are following are up to lately.

And perhaps, once in a while, you tend to find yourself wanting to view the Instagram account of your friends, colleagues, and families without them finding out. It could be through watching their IG stories or the reel they recently posted. While it can be a bit tricky to view their accounts discreetly, there are ways you can do it.

This article provides you with a list of ways to visit and view Instagram accounts discreetly. Continue reading below to learn more.

  • Consider A Third-Party Application

Today, several third-party websites and applications allow you to view someone else’s Instagram accounts and stories anonymously. And say, for instance, you wanted to take a peek and watch someone’s story, consider an app that offers features such as Instagram anonymous story viewer.

However, a tip to take note of is to avoid downloading random apps without verifying their credibility and source first for security reasons. This means taking the time to find a reputable third-party application. And perhaps, you can also concentrate on those that would not require you to log in or register to access the profile you wish to view. 

  • Try The Swipe Back Trick

Perhaps, one of the notable hacks that allow you to view IG stories subtly is the swipe back trick. In this approach, you need to locate the account icon of the user you want to view in the story section of the app. Once you’ve done this, tap the icon next to it to view this other person’s story instead. The magic happens when you hold your finger and back swipe to sneak a peek at your target account’s story.

Although, practice extra caution when doing this trick. If you’ve accidentally let go of your finger, you can easily land on your target account’s story and end your subtle viewing. Also, this trick could only work on stories featuring images and not videos.

  • Use The View-Block Trick

This trick can be another way to view someone’s story account discreetly. This can work even if you aren’t their follower as long as their accounts are not private. All you have to do is view their story and immediately block them afterward. The advantage of this trick is that the account owner won’t be able to tell if you viewed their story or not since you just blocked them.

However, note that if the account you are viewing has a lot of stories and you watch them all, the possibility of them finding out could be higher. For that reason, opt for this trick for fewer stories instead of multiple posts to avoid being found out.

Don’t forget to unblock them after. That way, you won’t miss out on any future posts or IG stories.

  • Create A New Fake Instagram Account

If creating a fake account doesn’t bother you, this tip can be for you. The beauty of Instagram is that you can create multiple accounts without losing your real one. With that in mind, you can create and register an alternative account bearing a different name, so it won’t be associated with you. This can be convenient, especially since Instagram allows you to easily switch accounts on the app.

When creating a fake account, avoid using images that can be identified as your own. For instance, you can choose images of nature, art, or animals. In addition, avoid using your personal email address to minimize the chances of the account being linked to you.

Lastly, while this may be a fake Instagram account, consider posting content or images once in a while to make the account look busy and not appear suspicious or a bot.

  • View Stories On Airplane Mode

In some cases, Instagram preloads stories in the background. This is especially true when you are connected to a fast network. This can play a role if you want to view someone’s IG stories discreetly.

To do this trick, pull up the account you want to view, then enable airplane mode on your phone or turn off your internet connection. And once that’s done, head back into the app to start watching the user’s stories. 

Although, one thing to note is that this approach could easily fail, especially if the account owner has posted numerous stories. The reason behind this is that Instagram may not yet have preloaded them successfully before you set your phone to airplane mode.  


The Bottom Line

Every once in a while, you may want to remain anonymous when browsing Instagram. And luckily for you, numerous ways can be used to achieve this.

For instance, you can utilize third-party apps that allow you to remain subtle when viewing Instagram accounts. You also have the option to try the swipe-back or view-block trick. Alternatively, you can also create a fake Instagram account or choose to view IG stories while in airplane mode.


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