5 budget smartphones that you can buy in 2022

5 budget smartphones that you can buy in 2022

The Motorola Moto G Pure does a lot of things well for its low price of $140 (down from $160). It’s a 4G-only phone with a slower processor — everything from opening a web page to switching apps takes a beat longer than on most other inexpensive phones. As a compromise, it has a strong 13-megapixel rear camera and a good battery life that should last most users all day and into the next.

The Moto G Pure only has 32GB of storage, which is insufficient given that the Android OS will take up about half of that. Fortunately, you can expand storage via the microSD card port. If you don’t already have one, count on spending an extra $15 or $20 on a microSD card with the purchase of this phone.


Number 5. Oneplus Nord N20 5G


5 budget smartphones that you can buy in 2022


The OnePlus N20 5G is a $280 phone that feels much more expensive. It has a 6.4-inch screen with a decent 1080p resolution. Even better, it’s an OLED display in a market dominated by lower-contrast LCDs. As a result, you’ll have to settle with a normal 60Hz refresh rate. You won’t notice the change unless you’re coming from a phone with a quicker 90Hz or 120Hz screen. Aside from the refresh rate, it’s a good screen that’s delightful to use. In addition, there’s a superb fingerprint reader beneath the display that makes unlocking the phone a breeze.

The N20 5G is outfitted with a powerful Snapdragon 695 processor and a substantial 6GB of RAM for excellent day-to-day performance. A charger is provided in the box to enable the phone’s rapid 33W wired charging, which is something you won’t find in any of the N20’s competitors. You can charge the phone from 0 to 30% in just 20 minutes, which is quite useful if you’re in a hurry and need a quick battery boost.

The N20’s camera quality is a bit of a letdown. The primary rear 64-megapixel camera is adequate; the other two cameras (a low-resolution macro and a monochrome sensor) should be avoided. The phone also comes with Android 11, which is currently a version behind most other new Android phones.

It is initially exclusively accessible through T-Mobile, where it supports the carrier’s sub-6GHz 5G network. OnePlus will sell it unlocked at some time, although AT&T and Verizon are unlikely to give major 5G support. For the time being, if you’re on T-Mobile, it’s a terrific low-cost alternative.