2025 might see the release of a more expensive Apple Watch Ultra 2

2025 might see the release of a more expensive Apple Watch Ultra 2

The Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple’s next wristwatch, is not anticipated to be available until 2025, according to recent sources. The company’s desire to develop the microLED display technology, which is anticipated to be used in the next model, is said to be the cause of the delay.

As a consequence of the microLED screen’s reputation as a difficult-to-manufacture technology, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 may eventually cost more than the original model. The microLED panel in the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is anticipated to cost much more than the LTPO OLED screen in the current model, according to DSCC research.

As a consequence, it is anticipated that Apple will launch a new pricing range for the next-generation watch over $799. The report also says that Apple is unlikely to use microLED panels in the iPhone anytime soon since the technology is still seen as being in its infancy.

With a 2.1-inch screen size and a 325 PPI resolution, the microLED display on the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is anticipated to be somewhat bigger than the existing OLED display. The latest model’s display measures 1.9 inches.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 microLED backplane manufacturing line, which is purportedly being put up by LG Display, is not anticipated to start up until the second half of 2024. As a result, the Ultra’s next-generation model might make its appearance in 2025.

It’s vital to remember that none of this information has been formally verified by Apple, as with all rumours and conjecture. The business has a history of declining to comment on speculative or rumoured goods or technology. However, if the Apple Watch Ultra 2 does include a microLED display, it is obvious that it won’t be sold until at least 2025.

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