ZOTAC Steam Machine Takes PC Gaming Beyond

ZOTAC Steam Machine Takes PC Gaming Beyond

ZOTAC International, a leading innovator and manufacturer of graphic cards and mini-PCs, rewrote the definition of PC gaming with the ZOTAC Steam Machine SN970. The groundbreaking gaming platform finally conjoins uncompromising graphical experience with the television, unchaining gaming from the desk to the home entertainment center.

“We are honored to be working closely with Valve to bring gamers a system that will redefine PC gaming. The ZOTAC Steam Machine delivers a fully optimized gaming platform with full emphasis on graphics. We have employed the latest Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU technology so gamers can keep the graphics sliders on ultra, and enjoy smooth, 4k gaming,”  Tony Wong, CEO, ZOTAC International.

ZOTAC Steam Machine SN970 - 2

Inspired design

With a fresh new design that is inspired by the ZBOX signature form, each aspect of the ZOTAC Steam Machine’s aesthetics is the conceptual combination of futurism and the practicality of modern home designs. This is the Steam Machine with a distinct personality. With rounded edges and slightly elevated for greater airflow, it is fashion and function integrated.

Connect up to 4 displays

With cutting-edge NVIDIA graphics and technology powering the unit, up to 4 displays can be connected simultaneously. NVIDIA Surround and Steam Big Picture bring the immersive experience to users on the big screen. All the next generation technologies are fully employed – including VXGI, MFAA and DSR – and take full advantage of the beautifully designed in-game sceneries.

The ultimate unboxing

“The ZOTAC Steam Machine is the first in the foray of PC gaming away from the desk, and we have dedicated our efforts in designing the perfect gaming system that will define the next generation. We are equipping the ZOTAC Steam Machine with Intel’s 6th generation CPU and a discrete GTX level graphics card with NVIDIA’s latest Maxwell GPU to provide gamers the means for an incredible visual experience. Each component is carefully selected and tested to ensure the greatest optimization, and we will strive to ensure users game with the best,” Jacky Huang, Director of Product Management, ZOTAC International.

Each unit comes with a Steam controller to give users better control in action and storage also comes included in the form of a 64GB M.2 SSD and a 2.5” 1TB HDD. Equipped with 802.11ac wireless, you can enjoy a blazing fast connection to the network for a smooth gaming experience.

SteamOS experience on the big screen

Valve’s much anticipated SteamOS now brings you the full Steam platform experience along with many innovations. Pre-loaded with the ZOTAC Steam Machine, the unit will boot up the OS when it is powered on for the first time, saving precious gaming time. Some of the innovations brought by the SteamOS are in-home streaming, multimedia playback, and library sharing capabilities; making the unit living room-friendly for the entire family.