Zoom has addressed a flaw that allows hackers to hijack your meetings

Zoom has become the gold standard in video conferencing, especially after the pandemic phase, but this tool is not without its flaws. There have been some weird glitches that have plagues the tools, but recently, multiple reports came out that the Zoom tool had been compromised and hackers were able to directly hijack your meetings.

Cybersecurity researchers found this serious glitch, and instantly reported it to the team at Zoom, who acknowledged the same and as promised, they have now released a fix that resolves the issue.

The problem that was found, was in the Zoom Rooms feature. For the uninitiated, Zoom Rooms is a feature that allows team members, who work from different locations around the world, to work together in one shared space. When a Zoom Room is created, each joinee is assigned a new email id, which follows the format – <account ID>@companycomain.com.

Now, in order to hijack a meeting, the hacker just needed to know one of the Zoom Room account ids, which is not a very difficult task these days. After that, the hackers could access and steal all the information that has been shared on the meeting, and sometimes, it even included sensitive information pertaining to the organisation, plans, strategies, etc.

Zoom has now removed the feature to create Zoom Room IDs, in an effort to protect the safety of the users. This fix seems to have addressed the issue, but they need to ensure that they stay on top of these threats in order to keep their platform safe and secure.