ZeroD: World's First Ethical Hacking Marketplace Emerges to Tackle Cyber Threats

ZeroD: World’s First Ethical Hacking Marketplace Emerges to Tackle Cyber Threats

As cyberattacks spiral, a band of Spanish entrepreneurs just launched a radical solution – the world’s first ethical hacking marketplace, ZeroD. Their vision? An online hub where businesses can readily tap white hat security talent to fortify defenses.

“Companies urgently need safe, professional testing,” ZeroD notes. The service aims to make that accessible, serving as an ethical counterforce as threats mount.

The interface itself represents a refreshing change. Unlike the typical security site, ZeroD boasts lively colors and a stylish format recalling sought-after freelance hotspots like Upwork.

“We wanted IT managers to easily find talent when combating threats,” the founders explain. Ease of use, especially for overwhelmed teams, drove the design.

Vetted specialists spanning 30 countries stand ready to deploy. ZeroD requires five years’ experience, strict certifications, tester exams and ongoing performance monitoring before clearance. Customers can quickly solicit quotes and select penetration testers fitting their needs.

It’s a slick process versus the usual Google gambit, accelerated by urgency. Recent years saw a tenfold increase in brazen megabreach attempts exceeding $1 million. Meanwhile, cheap ransomware kits enable mass attacks.

“Cybersecurity is becoming a serious global problem,” warns research firm Chain Analysis. Yet ZeroD’s convenient marketplace model could help tip the odds in defenders’ favor.

Beyond linking clients with ethical hackers, the firm also provides full-service consulting, forensics and CISO-as-a-Service offerings. Their vision is an integrated solution fusing world-class talent with a personalized, end-to-end approach.

As digital threats compound, it’s easy for security to become faceless and dehumanized – more identified with attackers than protectors. But ZeroD’s creative solution puts a human face on defense.