YouTube's newest facelift includes pinch-to-zoom on mobile

YouTube’s newest facelift includes pinch-to-zoom on mobile

YouTube is receiving a new appearance as well as some new functionality. On the iOS and Android applications, for example, you’ll be able to pinch to zoom into a video. When you take your fingertips off the screen, the video will remain zoomed in. That seems to be a useful alternative for those looking for Easter eggs in Taylor Swift’s new videos. YouTube began testing the pinch-to-zoom functionality with Premium members in August, and it is now accessible to all users.

Another feature should make it easier to get to the proper section of a video. On desktop and mobile, you’ll be able to see a row of thumbnails by dragging your mouse up or swiping up when scrolling through a video (a bit like you might see on Netflix). As YouTube says, this should prevent you from rewinding too far back when viewing a lesson and rewatching a step.