YouTube TV has raised its prices to an absurd $73 per month

YouTube TV has raised its prices to an absurd $73 per month

YouTube TV is getting another price increase, this time from $65 to $73. According to the company, new members will begin seeing the updated pricing today, while existing subscribers will begin paying more on April 18th.

It’s the latest in a long line of price increases for YouTube TV. Prior to the most recent increase, it had raised them by $15 in June 2020. The service began at $35 in 2017 and has gradually increased in price as cord-cutting television has progressed from a scrappy disruptor to oh my god this costs $73 every single month.



“As content costs have risen and we continue to invest in the quality of our service, we are updating our price to continue bringing you the best possible service,” a message sent to YouTube TV subscribers this morning reads. The email also mentions that the service has reduced the cost of its 4K Plus add-on from $20 to $10 per month. The message also advises users to cancel their subscriptions if the new monthly fee is too high for them.

Baseball fans may be particularly irritated by the new cost, as YouTube TV dropped MLB Network from its lineup last month after failing to reach a new agreement. Although the company stated that it would eventually restore service, this has yet to happen six weeks later.

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