YouTube Music’s New Feature Lets You Customize Your Radio Experience

Google is rolling out a redesigned radio feature on YouTube Music, aimed at providing users with more control over their listening experience. Most music streaming services offer a radio feature, but Google is enhancing it by allowing users to pick up to 30 artists to create their own radio station.

The feature also includes filters that can change the mood of the resulting playlist, such as “chill,” “downbeat,” and “pump-up,” and allows users to adjust the parameters they set after creating a station. The new experience is available on YouTube Music for all of the service’s 50 million subscribers, and users will see a prompt in the main interface that says “Create a radio.”

Although the feature alone may not be enough to persuade Spotify or Apple Music users to switch to YouTube Music, it could entice existing subscribers to use the service more frequently or convert their free trial into a paid subscription.