May 2023’s Must-Play Games: The Top Selections on Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service has revolutionized the way gamers access and enjoy their favourite titles. With a vast library of games available for a monthly subscription fee, players can explore an impressive collection of both indie gems and blockbuster hits. Choosing the best games to play can be a challenging task, given the abundance of options.

However, with the subscription fee covering the cost of entry, the focus shifts to maximizing the use of valuable hard drive space. In this article, we will delve into the top games available on Xbox Game Pass, highlighting the true gems that deserve players’ attention and time. From critically acclaimed masterpieces to hidden treasures, let’s explore the best games that Xbox Game Pass has to offer.

Number 1: Halo: The Master Chief Collection


May 2023's Must-Play Games: The Top Selections on Xbox Game Pass


Halo: The Master Chief Collection, developed by 343 Industries, is a comprehensive compilation that brings together the iconic Halo games into one package. It includes every mainline Halo game, with the exception of Halo 5: Guardians, as well as the beloved titles Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach. This collection offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the entire journey of the Master Chief.

With its diverse range of gameplay experiences, Halo: The Master Chief Collection caters to all types of players. Whether you’re seeking thrilling campaign co-op adventures, engaging in intense Firefight matches, or competing in iconic multiplayer modes, the collection has something for everyone. It serves as the ultimate tribute to the Halo series, providing fans with a comprehensive and immersive experience.

One of the standout features of the Master Chief Collection is its accessibility. With the availability of the collection on Xbox Game Pass, it has become incredibly easy for Halo fans and newcomers alike to access and enjoy the complete saga of the Master Chief. It serves as a testament to the dedication and effort put forth by 343 Industries in preserving and immortalizing the Halo franchise.

For those who have yet to experience the epic journey of the Master Chief, the Master Chief Collection is the perfect way to embark on that adventure. It offers an immersive and comprehensive experience, allowing players to fully appreciate the rich lore, engaging gameplay, and iconic moments that have made Halo one of the most beloved video game franchises of all time.

Number 2: The Last Case Of Benedict Fox


May 2023's Must-Play Games: The Top Selections on Xbox Game Pass


The Last Case of Benedict Fox, developed by Plot Twist, is a puzzle platformer that captivates players with its unique visual style and challenging puzzles. The game’s striking visuals combine sharp purples, hazy orange backgrounds, and eerie elements like tentacles and globules, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of Lovecraftian themes. The art style immerses players in a mesmerizing and otherworldly experience as they navigate the inner workings of memories and dimensional spaces.

What sets The Last Case of Benedict Fox apart is its focus on puzzle-solving. Unlike other games in the genre, where puzzles play a secondary role to platforming, this title places puzzles at the forefront. The puzzles are thoughtfully designed to provide a rewarding and engaging experience without being overly easy. While the combat and platforming aspects of the game may not be its strongest features, the mind-bending puzzles and immersive environments are where the game truly shines.

With an approximate game length of 17 hours, The Last Case of Benedict Fox offers a relatively short but impactful journey. Players are encouraged to approach the game for its puzzle-solving and atmospheric elements rather than its combat or platforming mechanics. It provides a unique blend of challenge and intrigue, allowing players to delve into the depths of their problem-solving abilities while exploring captivating and surreal environments.

Number 3: Loop Hero


May 2023's Must-Play Games: The Top Selections on Xbox Game Pass


Loop Hero, developed by Four Quarters, is a game that may not appeal to everyone but is a must-play for fans of piecing together lore, roguelike elements, deck-building mechanics, and retro aesthetics. In Loop Hero, players guide a lone hero through a crumbling and forgotten world, where they have the power to shape and build the environment. Along the way, they will encounter environmental obstacles and fantastical threats, unraveling the mysteries of the world through fragmentary interactions.

While the repetitive nature of the gameplay loop in roguelike games can sometimes be a drawback, Loop Hero manages to keep players engaged with its unique and engrossing gameplay mechanics. The combination of deck-building and roguelike elements creates a captivating experience that can easily consume hours of playtime. The game’s dark charm and intriguing premise draw players in, and once they start their journey, they are likely to be hooked for a long time.

With an approximate game length of 30 hours, Loop Hero offers a substantial and immersive experience. It appeals to players who enjoy exploring lore, strategizing with deck-building mechanics, and immersing themselves in a retro-inspired aesthetic. The game’s ability to captivate players with its distinctive gameplay and mysterious world sets it apart, making it a standout choice for those seeking a unique and engaging roguelike deck-builder experience.


Number 4: Ghostwire: Tokyo


May 2023's Must-Play Games: The Top Selections on Xbox Game Pass


Ghostwire: Tokyo, developed by Tango Gameworks, offers an immersive action-adventure experience set in a Tokyo overrun by monsters and plagued by the disappearance of its citizens. While the game incorporates elements of Japanese horror, it focuses more on the action of combat rather than relying on jump scares. As the protagonist, you navigate this eerie world, partnering with a paranormal entity to battle against spirits and uncover the truth behind the city’s vanishing.

Although Ghostwire: Tokyo maintains a marginally chilling atmosphere, the real strength lies in its narrative and emotionally gripping side quests. The game presents a compelling storyline that unravels the mystery of the protagonist’s survival and the group responsible for the city’s plight. While the combat may feel somewhat familiar, the superb atmosphere and immersive setting make Ghostwire: Tokyo a captivating experience.

With an approximate game length of 11 hours, Ghostwire: Tokyo provides a concise yet engaging adventure. The game’s focus on action and exploration allows players to fully immerse themselves in the haunting world of Tokyo. Additionally, with its X|S Enhanced compatibility, players can enjoy enhanced graphics and performance on Xbox Series X|S consoles.

For those seeking a unique blend of action, adventure, and a haunting atmosphere, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a game worth experiencing. Its captivating narrative, emotionally charged side quests, and superb atmosphere make it a standout title. Whether you’re a fan of Japanese horror or simply enjoy immersive action-adventure games, Ghostwire: Tokyo offers a thrilling journey through a Tokyo filled with mystery and supernatural encounters.

Number 5: Quantum Break


May 2023's Must-Play Games: The Top Selections on Xbox Game Pass


Quantum Break, developed by Remedy Entertainment, may not have received universal acclaim upon its release, but it still offers a visually stunning experience with enjoyable gameplay mechanics. The game incorporates live-action TV show episodes that provide additional context to the story, although their inclusion has been seen by some as more of a business decision rather than a creative direction.

Putting aside the live-action elements, Quantum Break excels in its visuals and offers a range of fun superpowers for players to experiment with. The game’s third-person shooter gameplay is engaging and provides opportunities for strategic combat encounters. While the story may have its moments of silliness, it still manages to deliver an entertaining narrative overall.

Despite being overshadowed by other Xbox exclusives of the early Xbox One era, such as Ryse: Son of Rome and ReCore, Quantum Break remains a worthwhile single-player adventure. With an approximate game length of 12 hours, it offers a concise yet enjoyable experience for players seeking a visually appealing and action-packed game.

In conclusion, Quantum Break may have had its share of mixed reception, but it still offers a visually impressive third-person shooter experience with enjoyable gameplay mechanics. Its inclusion of live-action TV show episodes may divide opinions, but setting that aside, the game provides a fun story and engaging combat encounters. If you’re looking for a single-player adventure with unique superpowers and a visually stunning world, Quantum Break is worth considering.


Number 6: Minecraft Legends


May 2023's Must-Play Games: The Top Selections on Xbox Game Pass


Minecraft Legends, developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive, offers a unique twist on the real-time strategy (RTS) genre within the beloved Minecraft universe. This game successfully simplifies the complex mechanics of traditional RTS games, making it accessible even to players unfamiliar with the genre. With streamlined controls and an easily approachable overworld, Minecraft Legends provides a welcoming experience, especially for fans of the original sandbox game.

One of the highlights of Minecraft Legends is the familiarity of the units players control in battle. From explosive Creepers to stalwart Golems, these iconic Minecraft creatures add a touch of nostalgia and excitement to the gameplay. The game features a campaign that guides players through the basics of RTS mechanics, allowing them to learn and grow their strategic skills. Additionally, multiplayer options offer the opportunity to engage with the game’s community and enjoy collaborative experiences.

Expanding the Minecraft empire, Minecraft Legends introduces players to the world of RTS games without overwhelming them with complex mechanics. With an approximate game length of 7 hours, it provides a concise yet engaging experience for players seeking an accessible entry point into the RTS genre. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Minecraft or someone looking to try out RTS gameplay, Minecraft Legends offers a fantastic starting point.

In conclusion, Minecraft Legends successfully brings the real-time strategy genre into the Minecraft universe with streamlined controls and familiar units. Its simplified mechanics make it an accessible RTS experience for players of all levels of expertise. With a welcoming overworld and an engaging campaign, Minecraft Legends provides a fantastic starting point for players interested in exploring the RTS genre or expanding their love for the Minecraft franchise.

Number 7: Goat Simulator


May 2023's Must-Play Games: The Top Selections on Xbox Game Pass


Goat Simulator, developed by Coffee Stain Studios, offers a unique and hilarious gaming experience that allows players to embrace their inner goat. While it may not be a strategic title or offer a lengthy gameplay experience, Goat Simulator provides a fun and entertaining escape for a few hours. The game’s delightful physics and comedic elements keep players engaged as they explore the world and uncover its secret achievements and humorous references.

In Goat Simulator, players can fully immerse themselves in the role of a destructive goat. While the game may not focus on realistic goat behavior, its fantastical and absurd nature adds to the overall enjoyment. Whether it’s causing chaos in the environment or performing outrageous stunts, Goat Simulator offers a lighthearted and entertaining experience that encourages players to fully embrace their goat persona.

With a compact file size of 3 GB, Goat Simulator is a perfect choice for those looking for a casual and amusing gaming session. It may not offer the depth or complexity of other games, but its simplicity and comedic charm make it a standout title. Whether you’re seeking a break from intense gaming or simply want to indulge in some goat-related hilarity, Goat Simulator is sure to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience.

In summary, Goat Simulator, developed by Coffee Stain Studios, offers a unique and entertaining gameplay experience as players assume the role of a mischievous and destructive goat. While it may not offer a lengthy game length or strategic depth, the game’s delightful physics and comedic elements provide hours of fun and laughter. With its compact file size, Goat Simulator is a great choice for those looking for a casual and amusing gaming session. So, why not take a break from the ordinary and embrace the absurdity of being a goat in this delightful simulation game?

Number 8: Iron Brigade

May 2023's Must-Play Games: The Top Selections on Xbox Game Pass


Iron Brigade, originally released as Trenched in 2011, offers a unique blend of third-person co-op action and tower defense gameplay. Developed by Double Fine, the game may not have all the bells and whistles of modern horde modes or tower defense titles, but its strong personality and wit make it a standout experience. Despite its age, Iron Brigade’s core gameplay mechanics still hold up, providing hours of fun and engaging cooperative play.

In Iron Brigade, players are tasked with defending a fortress from waves of enemies. The game’s fast-paced stages and straightforward objective of defending against incoming threats make it a perfect choice for a weekend romp with friends. While it may lack the depth and complexity of newer titles, Iron Brigade compensates with its charming style and enjoyable gameplay.

One of the strengths of Iron Brigade lies in its ability to keep things interesting through upgrades and customization. As players progress, they have the opportunity to unlock new weapons, equipment, and abilities, allowing for a diverse range of strategies and playstyles. This adds an element of progression and depth to the game, ensuring that each playthrough feels fresh and exciting.

Despite not being X|S enhanced and having a modest file size of 2 GB, Iron Brigade offers a satisfying and entertaining experience for fans of cooperative tower defense games. Its unique blend of action and strategy, coupled with Double Fine’s trademark humor and charm, makes it a worthwhile recommendation for those looking for a nostalgic yet enjoyable gaming experience. So gather your friends, defend your fortress, and embark on a thrilling adventure in Iron Brigade.


Number 9: Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – The Prince’s Edition


May 2023's Must-Play Games: The Top Selections on Xbox Game Pass

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – The Prince’s Edition continues the tradition of the franchise as a family-friendly JRPG that immerses players in a stunning world reminiscent of Studio Ghibli’s works. While it may not have the same level of 2D animated cutscenes as its predecessor, the charm and lovable nature of the game’s world remain intact.

The writing in Ni No Kuni II is filled with puns and witty humor, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the game. Characters like Master Pugnacious, a talking Pug, showcase the game’s playful and lighthearted tone. Additionally, the combat in the game is easy to grasp yet fast-paced and exhilarating, providing an enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels.

While Ni No Kuni II may not offer hundreds of hours of gameplay, its 40-hour main story provides a satisfying and complete experience. The game’s world is beautifully crafted, with stunning visuals and immersive sound design that enhance the overall atmosphere. It’s a world that is easy to get swept up in and fall in love with.

Overall, Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – The Prince’s Edition is a delightful JRPG that captures the essence of the franchise. With its endearing characters, punny writing, and engaging combat, it offers a memorable and enjoyable journey through a captivating world. Whether you’re a fan of the series or new to the franchise, Ni No Kuni II is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Number 10: Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

May 2023's Must-Play Games: The Top Selections on Xbox Game Pass

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is the epitome of the Civilization series, capturing the essence of what makes these games so addictive and engaging. The constant desire to play one more turn is a testament to its addictive nature. However, it’s worth noting that Civilization VI has a steep learning curve, especially for newcomers to the genre. It may not be the most beginner-friendly game, but the satisfaction that comes from mastering its mechanics is well worth the effort.

Building and managing your civilization is just the beginning of the gameplay experience. Civilization VI introduces various intricate systems that require careful attention and strategy. Balancing resources, diplomacy, military, culture, and technology all contribute to the immersive gameplay. As you delve deeper into the game, your cities flourish and exhibit their unique characteristics, further immersing you in the world you’ve created.

The pacing of Civilization VI is exceptional once you find your rhythm and grasp the intricacies of the game. It’s a thrilling experience to witness your civilization evolve and grow, adapting to the challenges and opportunities that arise. The game keeps you engaged for hours on end, and its addictive nature is a testament to its quality and depth.

In conclusion, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a masterfully crafted turn-based strategy game that rewards dedication and strategy. While it may have a steep learning curve, the satisfaction of mastering its mechanics and witnessing your civilization thrive is immensely rewarding. Whether you’re a fan of the series or a newcomer to the genre, Civilization VI offers a captivating and immersive experience that will keep you hooked for countless hours.