With its 1,000-nit display and premium design, Samsung's Galaxy A54 looks more premium
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With its 1,000-nit display and premium design, Samsung’s Galaxy A54 looks more premium

Between Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship launches and its other flagships that also happen to fold, there is a quiet period. The ideal time to update its midrange A series and add to the confusion. We’ll concentrate on the Galaxy A54, but Samsung will also release a similar, less expensive device, the Galaxy A34, in other markets such as the United Kingdom.

While there are no major changes from the Galaxy A53 to the A54, there are some noticeable changes, such as a redesign that is more closely aligned with the premium Galaxy S family, with metal detail on the cameras, which now jut out from the back independently of each other.

The screen is now 6.4 inches in size (the predecessor had a 6.5-inch screen), but it retains the same 2,400 x 1,080 resolution. However, Samsung has increased the maximum brightness to 1,000 nits this year. That should be noticeable in sunlight, and the company is going one step further by including Vision Booster to improve visibility when your surroundings are a little too bright. The screen can also reach 120Hz, though the variable refresh rate helps to conserve battery life. It’s yet another stunning display from Samsung, which is closing the gap between flagship and mid-range devices. The only thing that gives the game away here is the bezels.

The Exynos 1380, the newest in-house chip from Samsung, is the 5nm octa-core processor that powers the A54. According to Samsung, this should result in a 20% improvement in CPU performance and a 26% improvement in GPU performance. While pushing the phone to its limits was difficult during the hands-on time, we’re hoping the A54 is a little more capable than last year’s A53. The battery remains the same size as last year, which is a good sign: two-day battery life was one of the device’s strong points when we reviewed it.

In terms of imaging, this year’s A-series features yet another triple-camera array. A 50-megapixel main camera with optical image stabilisation and an f/1.8 lens is flanked by a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera and a 5-megapixel macro camera. For the 2023 refresh, Samsung has also kept the 32-megapixel selfie camera. According to the company, the changes to the camera system include larger pixels (more detail, less noise) and improved optical stabilisation, which has been increased from 0.95 degrees of stability to 1.5 degrees – a significant improvement, especially if you’re capturing a lot of videos. In addition, as shown in the main image at the top of this story, Samsung has integrated Snapchat filters into the native camera app. It will sync with your Snapchat account, providing you with quick access to filters across all cameras.

The Galaxy A54 is available in two glossy colours in the United States: black and violet. There will also be white and lime colourways available. Among our images is the Galaxy A34, which has a notch selfie camera, a slightly larger screen, and a hypnotic, familiar, pearlescent finish that I believe is nicer than the more expensive A54. Only the A54 will be available in the US, where it will be available for preorder on March 30th before going on sale on April 6th for $450 – the same price as last year’s model.

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