Windows 11 to Let Users Force Close Frozen Apps from Taskbar, Like macOS

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 11 will soon incorporate a new feature allowing users to force close unresponsive applications directly from the taskbar. This functionality, commonly known as “force closing” or “force quitting,” was initially discovered in hidden test builds of the operating system, generating considerable excitement among users. The official confirmation from Microsoft is welcomed news for Windows 11 users who have been seeking a more convenient method to deal with malfunctioning applications.

Presently, in Windows 11, users are required to navigate through the Task Manager and search for the problematic application to force close it. However, the upcoming tweak will simplify the process by enabling users to perform the action directly from the taskbar, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient experience.

According to reports, Microsoft unveiled this new feature during its Build conference for developers, along with other noteworthy announcements. Among these announcements were several minor yet important changes, including native support for handling RAR or 7-Zip files within Windows 11, eliminating the need for users to download and install third-party utilities for this purpose.

However, one major change revealed at the conference has garnered mixed reactions. Microsoft announced the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into Windows 11 through a feature called Copilot. This introduction of AI is anticipated to bring both new opportunities and concerns, as users navigate the potential implications of AI integration in their operating system.

The inclusion of the force closing functionality in Windows 11 exemplifies Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and address user feedback. By providing a more straightforward method for dealing with unresponsive applications, Windows 11 aims to improve efficiency and productivity for its users. As the release date for the update approaches, Windows 11 users eagerly await the implementation of this convenient tweak that promises to simplify their computing experience.