Windows 10 Receives Crucial Fix for Game Crashes, Microsoft Remains Committed to Supporting the Platform

Windows 10 gamers can rejoice as the latest preview update for the OS includes an important fix for a gaming-related crash known as Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) errors. This issue has been causing PC games to crash or even lock up the system in extreme cases.

The fix for TDR errors was first introduced in the preview update for Windows 11, and now it has made its way to Windows 10 in the KB5028244 update (build 19045.3271 for Windows 10 22H2). While currently available as a preview patch, the final polished fix will be included in August’s cumulative update for Windows 10.

Aside from the TDR fix, the update also addresses other issues, including a bug that prevented some VPN apps from making successful connections and a glitch where certain display or audio devices went missing after waking the PC from sleep. There’s also a resolution for a problem where a full-screen search couldn’t be closed, leading to the Start menu becoming unresponsive.

Overall, this update brings several improvements and fixes to Windows 10, making it a welcome update for gamers and other users alike.