Why You Shouldn’t Try to Repair Mac Yourself.

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Repair Mac Yourself.

Having a MacBook has made life more natural to be it at work or school. It has the best technology hence preferred by most people. Like any other device, it’s vulnerable and can easily get damaged if not handled with care. You might experience a problem and be tempted to fix it yourself. However, this is not advisable. MacBook’s’ are notorious for their exclusivity, and not everyone can do a proper fixing once it has a problem. Here is why you should never try to repair mac yourself.

Are you within the warranty period?

Are you experiencing any problem with your MacBook? Check on the warranty period. If you are within the stipulated warranty period, contact Apple customer support, and tell them your question.  Their products are almost impossible to open, and they have independent shops. They have experts who diagnose the problem and offer a fix, and you can use your device upon repair.

Replacing the battery

Some smart devices have inbuilt batteries, which may deteriorate over time, depending on usage. If it comes to a point where the phone’s battery or mac’s battery can’t hold charge effectively as before, don’t be tempted to remove the bottom case or the battery connector. You might bend the battery cable the wrong way, misplace the bottom screws or pry the battery off the plastic pull tab incorrectly and damage it entirely if not careful. You need to visit an apple phone repair store and be assisted when experiencing battery problems.

Upgrading the RAM

At times you may notice that your MacBook isn’t performing efficiently as before. This could be a result of RAM-related problems. You may think of replacing the RAM yourself. However, you will notice that some MacBooks have their RAMs soldered directly to the motherboard. To fix this, you need to visit a repair shop so as not to damage the motherboard. Once in the repair shop, they can see if you have outdated RAM. As this contributes to long processing times. They will recommend an upgrade to fix your mac’s efficiency.

Replacing sticky keys

While using your mac, you may have a situation where the keyboard is not as smooth as before. The keys may become unresponsive, thus prompting you to look for a quick fix. It’s easy when a few keys aren’t working. As you can turn off your mac and apply alcohol on the keys. This can loosen up any dust or lint debris that may have accumulated underneath the keys. However, if not carefully done, it could result in damage of the neighboring keys ultimately, which can cost you a new keyboard. Why not consult the experts to assist you with sticky keys?

Replace SSD

At one point or another, you may have an encounter with the SSD problem. The trouble with SSD results in the loss of all data that you had saved. Ranging from documents to videos. You need to back of all your data in an external hard drive or upload them to the cloud. For a more seamless transfer, update your Mac operating system to a newer version. To get a new SSD without damaging your mac, contact an Apple store where they can get you a genuine part and replace it on your behalf.


Having a mac or phone repair is taken seriously by professionals. It may cost money, but it’s worthwhile if the result is a functioning apple device. Never replace a mac device on your own as you might end up damaging it ultimately.