Why Awareness is Key to Internet Safety
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Why Awareness is Key to Internet Safety

With so much of today’s world, both business and personal, taking place online, it is more important than ever that you can stay safe online. This article aims to explain exactly why awareness is the key to internet safety and outline a few ways that you can work to protect yourself online.

The Importance of Awareness

The reason that awareness is so important online is that, unfortunately, there are a plethora of disingenuous and dangerous sites on the internet that could cause damage to both your computer and your personal information if you are unlucky enough to click onto one unknowingly. Fortunately, although there are many threats to contend with online, the majority of them need you, as the user, to make a mistake to trigger them. This is how proper awareness online can work to protect you.

How to Be More Aware Online

Therefore, becoming more aware of the threats that await online is one of your best defenses against those selfsame threats and a brilliant way to keep yourself protected online.

Know Your Threats. There are many different kinds of malware that you could fall victim to online, and other threats besides, so it always pays to spend some time finding out about different threats online. Things like phishing, which you can learn about on the Proofpoint website, and spam, are common ways hackers try to invade your system with malware. Knowing how to differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate communications is one way to protect yourself from these kinds of attacks.