Where is the News Feed on Microsoft Edge?

Where is the News Feed on Microsoft Edge?

The all-new Microsoft Edge browser is truly a comeback story for Microsoft. Based on the Chromium source code, the new Edge browser is everything you get in Chrome and then some more. Microsoft has given this browser a bit of an aesthetic touch, making it a slightly more attractive package compared to its nearest rival, Google Chrome. The features on both these browsers are pretty much identical, mostly due to the fact that both of them have been built on Chromium, but there are some things that the Edge browser has that you could probably say, are extra, but completely optional. Once such feature is the news feed.

When you boot into the Microsoft Edge browser, provided you have not changed the default home page, you will see a search bar followed by a news feed. This news feed displays the latest ongoings in the topics that you select, and this is cool if you are someone who loves keeping up to date with the latest news, but doesn’t really have the appetite for newspapers.

Sometimes though, you may find that the news feed on your default home page is missing, and in this tutorial, we will show you what you can do, to bring it back.

Assuming you have not changed the home page on Microsoft Edge, follow along step-by-step.

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser on your Computer. The browser window should open up to your default home page.