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WhatsApp improves for large groups with new Communities and 32-person video conversations

Communities are WhatsApp’s version of a Slack workspace or Discord channel. However, if you just want to create a large group, you may now do it for 1,024 individuals.

Meta is rolling out a few modifications to WhatsApp that will make the service more usable for big groups of people, including the widespread use of Communities.

Communities are intended to house numerous connected groups inside larger human organisations, such as a neighbourhood or a business. Consider Slack or Discord with a WhatsApp twist (with end-to-end encrypted conversations), and administrators may communicate changes with a complete group through an announcements channel. Communities were originally tested by the corporation in April, and they are now available to everyone.

Meta is also providing some new features that may help with day-to-day communication. New in-chat polls might be beneficial for deciding when to meet or what movie to watch. Video calls now support up to 32 people, which might be useful for a large video conference in your new Community. If you just want to create a large group, WhatsApp is increasing the maximum group size from 512 to 1024 individuals.