What’s leaving Disney+ and Hulu on May 26th?

Disney+ and Hulu have recently initiated the removal of several shows from their respective streaming platforms, reflecting a broader industry trend that underscores the transitory nature of content ownership within subscription services.

According to a report by Deadline, a range of titles on Disney+, including Big Shot, Clouds, Diary of a Future President, and Benedict Society, are set to leave the streaming service on May 26th. On Hulu, shows such as Dollface, Maggie, and Little Demon will also be removed on the same date.

This pattern of removing content from streaming services has been observed across the industry. Last year, HBO Max (now rebranded as Max) announced the removal of 36 shows from its platform, including The-Not-Too-Late-Show with Elmo and My Dinner with Hervé. In December 2022, larger shows like Westworld were also announced to be leaving the platform. Furthermore, Netflix has gained notoriety for frequently adding and removing shows and movies at short notice.

While the list of content being removed primarily consists of direct-to-streaming movies and shows with limited seasons, it remains disappointing for viewers to see content they enjoy being dropped. This phenomenon is not limited to movies and TV shows alone, as streaming music services have long faced challenges with certain tracks becoming unavailable or entire albums being removed from their catalogs. It is an inherent trade-off that comes with the subscription-based model. While subscribers have access to an all-you-can-eat buffet of content, the service provider retains the authority to remove or modify the available offerings at any given time.

The dynamic nature of content availability in streaming services raises important considerations for consumers. It reinforces the concept that subscription services do not grant permanent ownership of content. Instead, they provide temporary access to a continually evolving library. As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, viewers are encouraged to be aware of the potential transience of the content they consume and to explore alternative options to ensure they can access their favorite shows and movies even if they are removed from a specific platform.