One of the most trending jobs that cater to individuals, and teams in general, is blogging. What started as a way to express ideas in your own private space on the internet, has now become a fully-fledged career that can actually be monetized.

There are many companies today who hire individuals or teams to create blog posts or video content that is themed around a particular brand or around a specific message. One thing is for sure – Blogging is here to stay.


What is the Blogspot app and how to get it on your smartphone ?


Now, whether you are blogging for yourself, or for a client, the one thing that stays common is the platform. There are many blogging platforms out there that allow you to take up a domain for yourself (Either linked or dedicated), and start writing about things you are interested in.

One such platform is Google’s very own Blogger. Known earlier, like Blogspot, the platform has done well to stay afloat, in a market that is getting new competing platforms that offer new features, and even new ways to present your content.


What is the Blogspot app and how to get it on your smartphone ?


What makes Blogger/Blogspot, so easy to use, is the fact that you just need your Google Account to get started. Getting a linked blog URL is free, which means you can get started right away if you want, but if you do own a custom domain, you can easily link your blog to it and take it from there.

To make things easier, Google has also provided a dedicated Blogger/Blogspot app, that is available for a free download on the Android Play Store.

The app allows you to –

  1. Compose a post directly on your smartphone, and save it to a draft or even publish it immediately.
  2. Edit posts you have already published on your Blog.
  3. View an organized list of all the posts you have published on your Blog.
  4. Switch between blogs, if you have multiple blogs on the platform.
  5. Attach images from your smartphone gallery, or even use the app to click a picture on the spot.
  6. Add labels to your post.

If you want the app on your smartphone, you can download it for free on your smartphone by clicking here.