3D printing is getting more noise these days and the probability of getting a small 3D printer attached to your desktop PC or your laptop is now a reality, and if you have to print out any new designs on plastic or wood all you need is a 3D program to print out the desired shape and size using a 3D print. for e.g. you have a antique mechanical clock where a certain cogs or gear is damaged and there could be a possibility of downloading the 3D CAD design from the website and a 3D printer can print out a cog or gear for you.

Thinking it’s too futuristic ? There are companies already ready with a portable 3d printers. Printrbot to be the simplest 3D printer yet(see pic  below). Interestingly This all-in-one 3D printer kit can be assembled and start printing in a couple of hours.

3d printer from printbot

3d printing sample from printbot

Makerbot is another company that creates the 3D printers the MakerBot Replicator is the flagship personal 3D printer, superpower to print anything and costs $1749 which also includes the one kilogram spool of natural ABS plastic. You can create your own 3D designs or download one of the thousands of models from Thingiverse.com. check out the video below.

3d printer makerbot
3d printer makerbot


A research project at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) has invented the world’s smallest 3D printer; the 3D micro printer is capable of producing a 1 cm object per hour, The printer is no bigger than a carton of milk, it weighs 1.5 kilograms, and at just  1200 Euros and plugs to your computer.

worlds-smallest-3d-printer3d samples
Worlds smallest printer & 3d samples



so what’s your opinion about 3D printers will it take off as expected? while in the large scale industry they use zcorp 3d printers(worth mentioning).